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Steph!Batgirl costume

As some of you may know, the Steph's Batgirl costume has been revealed. As with all things Steph, I am on top of that and all over it.

Here is the picture that can be seen on the DC Source, the cover of Batgirl #4 by Phil Noto:

Overall, I think it's a cute, practical costume, but I was put off by some elements, such as how the stripes here look a little weird, almost like pajama stripes, and the leg pouches seem pretty bulky.

Fortunately, Garbett's version (the one we'll likely be seeing on the interiors) doesn't have those issues.


I really like the darker purple and the stripes look more like I'm also really fond of the boots and the light yellow detail that complements Steph's hair. I also like the riff on the Spoiler legband and it looks a lot less bulky in this design. Apparently those are NOT pouches, according to Garbett:

The leg-strap was requested by DC as a nod to the old SPOILER costume. In fact I've kept it almost identical to the old one but now in Batgirl yellow but more techy than pouches. The same with her Belt. Other artists down the line may draw pouches but I'm going for more old skool 'containers'. Almost like the Batman TV show, I guess.

My only real problem is with the belt. It's so low slung it looks like it would interfere with Steph's kicking and whatnot, and I have no idea what that silver thing on the side is (a staff?) but it looks to make the whole deal even more restrictive.

Garbett has some words on that too, though:

The lower slung belt was inspired by Han Solo and it won't ever be a problem with her
kicking etc etc because I will make sure I draw it not being a problem with her kicking. As it's not real we can have some artistic license and add some cool elements.

So I guess I can live with that. Low slung belts do look cool, I'll admit it. 

Overall, I like it. It's really fun looking and therefore very "Steph". I really like that elements of her Spoiler costume were incorporated, that's what they should have done with her Robin costume. When it was described as "sexy" by Miller at the con, I was a little worried the costume would turn out all gratuitous and impractical, but also pretty convinced that Garbett wasn't that kind of artist and I was proven right, thank the comic book gods.

So I'm content with the design, though many other people don't seem to be. Well, that's their problem.

Here's another comment Garbett's made that might be of interest:

I'm not sure on the color scheme Phil's used but yeah, my original design is two tone purple to ref Spoiler's old look

You can see all these nice tidbits on his blog. It's pretty neat, and Garbett seems to be a great guy, so I encourage you to check it out and give your input!


In non-Steph news, I've joined cbr in order to post on their super-nifty new Wonder Woman Board. I've only made about three posts, it's kinda mind boggling how many threads there are and how many awesome people I worship are on there so much (Gail Simone, Nicola Scott, Marc's amazing!) but I've read a few threads and it seems like a really great place!

Well, better go. Lots to do, wikis to update!

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