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Anj from Supergirl Comic Box Commentary reads my blog! I never knew!

For those of you don't know, SCBC is a very insightful and informative blog on Supergirl that does in depth reviews of all comics and news tidbits relating to her. I've been diligently linking his Supergirl posts of WFA (making it look like I have a Supergirl and Wonder Woman bias a lot of the time...which, well, I do, but I don't mean for my coverage to appear uneven, there's just a lot of news relating to those two as they're so prominent, and I know where to go to find it)

Anyway, he commented on my insights regarding the all important opus that is Supergirl's shorts. I would have never known anyone was complaining about the shorts if it wasn't for his blog relating that they were, honestly. The circles I travel in being generally anti-unnessecary sexualization of underage girls, and all. So when I saw Jamal, I thought I'd give him some encouragement on the matter. And when Jamal said he'd gotten angry email I was like "WUT"? They are SHORTS, people. Who honestly cares that much? If you want panty shots in your're weird. Go read a magazine devoted to panty shots!

And then everyone was all "ZOMG SHORTS" and I was like..."I didn't know it was so damn controversial. Damn."

And we had weird tattoo guy of course. I really don't want people telling me they want to see Supergirl's panties. Because they're basically telling a teen girl they fetishize teen girls. You want me to explain how that creeps me out?

Right, the point I had before was I am flattered SCBC mentioned me. It's a great blog, everyone should check it out:

And I fully echo his sentiments on telling Jamal and Sterling ya love their work if you ever see them. It can't be said enough, and Jamal for one is an awesome, friendly guy. And he actively tries to make his comics female friendly, and told me he knows lots of girls who don't seem like they would be comic fans, but are and he knows women are as geeky as guys, when I told him about Fuller and such. He's on our side!
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