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News of all sorts

First of all, I posted my new fanfic, "Growing up Granger" which is about what Hermione's parents experienced as she kept secrets from them at Hogwarts, and how they felt when she revealed what had been going on and bewitched them. It's a heavy redoing of an old fic I had, called "All Grown Up".

Here it is:

Now all I've got left is my missing moments! And all...the...other ideas...I have...

Anyway, more tidbits on the Con:

Seriously, when I bought up the Supergirl shorts thing it became this weird running joke thing on the panel. Whenever anyone mentioned Supergirl, one of the panel contestants or the audience would shout "...but with shorts, right?" or "WITH SHORTS!"

And the guy I bought my Wondy and first Manhunter trade from must have been at the panel, because he RANDOMLY showed me his tatoo of pre COIE Supergirl and was all "SHE doesn't have shorts!" and I was like "...okay, whatever..." I should point out All Preceding Supergirls (except Linda's second costume) seemed to have a leotard thing going with their costumes, which is almost as good as shorts, IMO. It's good enough for figure skaters, anyway. So his point, whatever the hell it was, was moot.

That guy was made of total fail, anyway, he told this girl he "hated Cassie (Cass)" and wanted Babs back as Batgirl. Actually, I think he MAY have staged the conversation in front of me on purpose, because he heard my comments at the panel implying I liked Cass and Babs as Oracle. What a weirdo. I didn't chime in though, not even when he said Stephanie had gone off with Red Robin (WRONG.) However, when he said the Phil Noto cover had the girl putting on Babs costume with high heeled boots, I pointed out they were flats. He gave me a Look. Not the best way to attract customers. Though I did end up buying the trades, so...

( I shouldn't have bought the Manhunter trade from him. I found it later somewhere else for 5 bucks. As well as the second one, AGH, of course they were the ones I'd already bought for much more!)

Ian Sattler rambles on a lot. Not an insult, he just does. You could tell he was less comfortable at panels than Dan and all that. He seemed really nice though.

This documentary about Steve Ditko had Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore in it, and went on about how delightfully wacky Steve, his objectiveism and Mr. A were. It was very awesome. I am officially in love with Neil Gaiman (I was already pretty close, mind.) because when he and the documentary guy went to track down Steve he told the guy. "I am the Robin to your Batman, I am the Speedy to your Green Arrow, I am the Etta Candy to your Wonder Woman." Yes, that's right. Neil recognizes the awesome that is Etta flippin' Candy.

It was loads of fun. The documentary was great really funny (Alan Moore says he told Steve about Rorschach and Ditko was all "Oh, right, he's like Mr. A. But he's INSANE." Also, Alan Moore wrote a song about Steve Ditko. Which he recites to us. While looking scary.)

And there were presentations afterward, and like I said previously, cake.

Also, I got a job a few hours a week in my local comic shop. It's a scant job, but it is a job. Hurray!

That's all the tidbits I remember for now. Happy Monday, guys!

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