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The final comic con report

Yo! So, I bet everyone wants to hear about my final day at the Comic Con?

First, check out my sweet Steph commission! The artist is Leanne Hannah.

Great, isn't it? I'll get it framed to go with my others.

Well, first I went to a panel where George Perez and Mark Waid discussed how they did the Brave and Bold #4. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my Impulse, so I couldn't get Waid to sign it. Anyway, it was fairly interesting, though the host of the discussion kept babbling questions so we didn't get through all the pages (to his credit, he at least admitted and apologized for what a blabbermouth he was). Mark Waid was really funny, he kept talking about how his job was the easiest ever since he only gave Perez plot synopses a lot of the time, and Perez would lay out a panel. And then he'd read the bits out and say "these are examples of my magnificence!"

After that, I walked around more and got a third Manhunter trade and some bags for my comics. The Manhunter trade was of course, really good, though they didn't specify when the 1 year later jump was in the middle of the trade so I was confused for a while. (Wait, when did Peter get that chick pregnant? When did Kate meet Obsidian? When did Dr. Psycho...oh, this is after IC so it must be...oh...)

Then I went to the Sunday Chat panel. To my pleasure, it was just like another panel where we could ask questions, unlike last year, when it was "chat about your fave comics!" And there were only ten people in the room, so I asked quite a few. I expressed my dismay over the Wondy trades, and Sattler doesn't know anything about that, but he said he'd pass my concerns on. So I fufilled my duty as a Wondy fan.

Also, Scotty, I asked about Connor Hawke. Sattler said there are a bunch of characters inactive right now (Argent, Hotspot...any 90's titan basically) for a reason, and next year or something there will be a team book or something about them all, and Connor is definitely one of them. So...that's good, right?

I also complimented on the co-features, saying I liked Jaime and Manhunter being back, and since Ed Brubaker had mentioned soon all books will have co features when I made him sign my Catwoman, I asked about that. Sattler said no, they're going to make sure the co features they have sell first. So Brubaker LIED to me! I thought his information was fauly anyway, so.

My last question was about Wonder Woman leading the JLA. Sorry guys, but Newsarama screwed you on that one. Wondy is NOT leading the JLA, that was just Bagley talking about how Trinity came about and some ideas Rucka had. No Wonder Woman leading a team book, though I'm sure my wide eyed eagerness made it clear that I wouldn't object to it.

The Tom Lyle panel got rescheduled so I missed it, but I managed to track down the man himself and thank him for co-creating Steph. He says he was pleased that she returned, as both he and Chuck were agrravated when he died, and he was amused he got royalties off her from the Lego Batman game. He said he really liked that in their Detective run he and Chuck managed to give sidekicks and supporting characters important roles, like with Tim and Steph. I shook his hand, and he asked my name. It was very cool.

I got Superman: Up, Up and Away, a DVD of Wicked on Chicago and the first Young Avengers trade (I already read it and those after it at Books A Million, but I wanted to own it).

Then we motored on out. I never got a sig from Stephane Roux, but that was my only loss.

And that, ladies and gents, was my Comic Con experience. I'll update tomorrow with a few tidbits I may have skipped over, but for not, hasta la vista.

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