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Super Mega Batgirl Review the eighteenth

Numba 19 will be up tomorrow

Page 1: Some VERY pretty painted work by Nguyen. This man really goes the extra mile in his work. I like how the whole page is tinged red to go with both the valentine theme and the blood theme... a kitty licking bloody paws is a gruesome offset to the otherwise flowery imagery. Steph is out to rooftop jump and kick ass for V-day night, because she's rad like that.

Page 2/3: The fact that hearts are being LITERALLY stolen, complete with all the blood and guts, is a nice gag for a v-day issue. Of course, Steph can't resist a good pun as a former Robin, but sneaking up on Klarion and calling him a pilgrim is NOT a good idea.

Page 4: Young Justice reference, hell yeah! I mean, it seems Klarion's changed the placement and the exact wording of self-added sting, but that's gotta be a ref. Steph in a little ball freaking out!

Page 5: Steph's doing very well considering this is her first encounter with the supernatural. Well, I guess she did tag along for that YJ mission with the giant- still, she's a trooper with a funny inner monologue as usual. Steph, you and the Atom fighting lice together would be a wondrous thing to behold if Ryan Choi was still alive dammit. As it is, stay away from that other dude, he's boring. Also, I like that Steph assumes Klarion's looking for his boyfriend and doesn't treat that as a big deal. It's not a huge thing, but not something you'd see if this comic was written by Dixon or whatever.

Page 6/7: Oh God, I've only read a couple appearances of Klarion, but he is so entertaining here with his over the top antics. Steph losing patience around the demented laughter is fun to see too, and she manages to talk herself into an alliance. Klarion's NOOOOOOOOOOO at the "coupling" is doubly amusing, as is his huge grin when he declares their alliance. Also, the plot of this issue revolves around a cat in heat. Yes. Okay.

8/9/10: A werecat in heat to be exact. Which Steph tasers. She tasers a werecat. She can now put that on her resume. You go, girl.

11/12: Klarion is so despondent about trapping Teek'l in a bubble. "I suppose Teek'l will just have to keep murdering people" "OR NOT!" Ahh so amazing. Steph gets her problem-solving-counselor hat on (she's good at this!) and...now this issue is about getting a cat in heat laid.

13/14:  Another beautiful painted sequence by Nguyen. Steph looks adorable in a Puritan outfit and pigtails, and she takes the barfing and teleporting in stride. Klarion doesn't get sarcasm which would make him hanging around Steph for long difficult. And "non witch trials", classic.

Page 15/16:  Steph questions the craftsmanship of a bonnet to distract a girl from her familiar in a funny exchange and then...MAKES A HARRY POTTER REFERENCE! Zomg, Steph and Harry Potter, my two favorite things! Together! Steph is Harry Potter fan! I mean, at least a casual one, because she'd have to see up to the fourth book/movie to get to "accio" and she also corrects herself by saying she'd techinically  be summoning the girl's face (though...she really wouldn't because punching doesn't require bringing faces forward so she was right the first time, but whatever, I guess she meant she already HAD her fist so she needed to summon the face to meet fist) which, when you reference something mid battle and then correct your own reference, that makes you a GEEK for what you're referencing, so I choose to believe Steph and I are further connected on the astral plane since we are both clearly HP geeks.

Also I love how Steph basically responds to all problems by punching. Also also Klarion's :D face. Also Also Also "Your cat will return a man!" "It's a girl" " A WO-MAN!". These two pages are fabulous, is what I'm saying

Page 17: "Both fascinating and perverse!" Oh, Klarion. "And all because someone beheaded a clergyman?" Brilliant. I guess magic cats must have sex a lot longer than regular cats, since with real cats it's a sort of "wam, bam, thank you ma'm" bizness.

Page 18: Francisco is definitely gay, since he's holding hands with his bf on V-day. Mr. Nguyen? I love your art, but I could do without the girls having their eyes cut off so the view can focus on the bared bellies, cleavage and miniskirted asses. And I could do without the slut-shaming too, though at least Steph tells Klarion to cheese it (how the hell does Klarion even know about harlots, considering he seems to live in Puritan-ville?)

Also no one seems to question Klarion's blue-ness.

Page 19: And Steph goes for the kiss to stop a frogging while Cupid manmeat cheers in the background. Apparently she tastes like Christmas, which I can assume tastes like candy canes and chocolate and stress. And then they decide to watch everyone be goofy and humiliate themselves, which is the best way to spend a valentines day after preventing murders.

Page 20: A last lovely watercolor sequence for the last page as our hero and...companion walk arm in arm and comment of each other's uniqueness. So cute! And then apparently Klarion turns Jordanna into a frog, which I am okay with. I'm glad Steph had an entertaining person to spend V-day with, even if it was an amoral kooky witch-boy. At least he recognized she was a fun person to be around!

Basically, this issue was a whole lot of fun with my favorite girl and gorgeous to boot. It even had Steph making an HP ref! Good times. 5/5

(Klarion was such a riot here that when he was on YJ cartoon with his stupid grating voice and unfunny antics, I decided the kid was an imposter. Hmmph!


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Mar. 13th, 2011 03:27 pm (UTC)
Happy 500th post, Nev! :D

It's hilarious comparing your reaction to "Accio fist" to Esther Inglis-Arkell's in 4th Letter. She was like, "Accio fist? Is that like, some kind of HP ref?" While you are over the moon gushing (as was I) over the fact that it's TOTALLY an HP ref! :D

But my favorite line was "But there's no way we'd make it across the Grundy fields..."

Heh. Grundy fields. As in Solomon Grundy, probably the single most popular villain from the Golden Age of DC Comics who wasn't a foe of either Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. He was a foe of the original Green Lanter, Alan Scott (who IMHO is a Helluva lot more likeable and interesting than Hal Jordan).

As the story goes, in 1894 some guy named Cyrus Gold was murdered in Slaughter Swamp and his body was left to decay there. Then 50 years later, on a Monday in 1944, because...well, just because, Gold's body transformed into a semi-intelligent, chalk-white, super-storng, well nigh invincible (including to GL's ring), rampaging giant (not Godzilla-giant, more Goliath-giant). He first encountered some crooks (hence, why he's a criminal) and told them he had no name but knew he was born on a Monday. This led the crooks to name him Solomon Grundy after a now-obscure nursury rhyme that began, "Solomon Grundy, born on Monday." (Google it, it does exist).

He's made numerous appearances in the decades since then, including as a regular villain in the 1970s Saturday Morning Cartoon Challenge of the Super Friends, which means millions of people who were little kids at the time (like yours truly) are aware of him even if they never picked up a comic book.

There wasn't much of an explanation at the time for how exactly a 50 year old corpse became Grundy. Many writers since then have tried their own "Secret Origin" for Grundy and none of them have stuck. So it was hilarious to me to see this casual ref to "the Grundy fields" as a possibility as to where Grundy came from, made by a character who might know, but doesn't really care.

Hope my little history lesson didn't bore you. Anyways, hilarious issue, may be the funniest one yet. HP and Golden Age Comic ref FTW!
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