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I write about Steph! Also, Magical Girls!

DcWomenkickingAss is currently holding an event for the "Most Memorable Moments" for DC Women, since Newsarama's own event was so lacking. Each of the finalists gets a prominent fan or author to do a writeup for them. The likes of Bluefall and Phil Jiminez have already contributed with some lovely Wondy writeups, and I was asked to do the writeup for Steph becoming Robin! As you can imagine, I am honored.


That's the writeup.

Please read it if you’d like to hear me rant about Steph and women in comics! Which, if you follow this blog, I must assume you do, since that’s all I ever do. But seriously guys, Steph being the first girl Robin needs to make it to the final cut. It was a huge moment for her, for comic book ladies and for the feminist fanbase.

This was originally twice as long. Poor Sue, having to put up with that. But we managed to shave it down! I did my best for Steph.

In Magical Girl News:

Gueeeess what I got for and early X-mas present! The complete Sailor Moon anime plus all the movies *loves it* I am so happy, my DVDs were super cheap (150 for the whole set and free shipping!) and I haven't watched the anime since the summer so it's like an old friend. Just as heartwarming and girl-power-y and badass and fun and silly as I remember! Soooo good! The art on my DVD cases is lovely too.

I also found this Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus at Books-A-Million that was relatively cheap. It collected a huge amount of the manga (there are going to be four books to collect the whole series) and had all these lovely color illustrations, remastered art and a really good translation. I'd only seen the first two episodes of  the anime for that series, but I new it was beloved, so I sat down and read it, It was adorable and Sakura is wonderful. I love all the relationships with everyone and all the magic stuff. So I got it! And my grandmother is still in the hospital (she hasn't recovered well from her final operation, though she is finally starting to get better) so I read it to her, figuring this is the only comic of mine she'd like, since it's low on violence and all cute. And she really liked it! So now I finally have an enjoyable way to entertain her for all those mind numbing visits. I usually read poetry to her, but I much prefer reading manga.


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Dec. 19th, 2010 12:55 pm (UTC)
Great article. The part about how the fans demanded a trophy case for Steph gave me chills. Things like that make me proud to be part of comics fandom.
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