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My Heroes Con experience! -The mostly Negative parts

So, you guys, time to learn about my experience at Heroes Con. I'll talk about the panels first. Because they were...pretty amazing. But not in a good way.

The DC Nation panel was the one where I actually asked questions annnd stuff. First of all, it looks like a good time for Jason Todd fans because Sattler seemed pretty into it and he says they think they've finally found a good place for him as an anti-hero-villian whatever in the DCU and he's super stoked about the Lost Days mini. So for the tons of Jason fans on my f-list, that's good for you.

Now for the bad- second_batgirl's friend asked about Cass and Misfit. Misfit is showing up soon, probably in BoP, but Cass... well, apparently they want to get her reintroduction "right". They had plans, but those got sidetracked. She's coming back, but they don't want to mess anything up. Honestly, as I've said before, this might be a good thing, because if they're worried about getting Cass "right", at least she's not in danger of being raped and killed right now.

They called on me and I seconded wanting to see a return of Cass, telling them that I loved the Steph series, but I wanted her to be a part of it, especially since she's so important to Babs and Steph and the Batgirl legacy.

I popped the question on minority characters. I wrote it down even, so I could get it right. I actually mentioned the topic was big on the internet and referenced WFA (I really shouldn't have bought WFA into it now that I think but I was nervous) I basically said "I co-run a linkblog called When Fangirls Attack, and a big topic that's trending right now is concern over the treatment of minority characters- with Cassandra Cain gone, Lian Harper and Ryan Choi's recent death- as well as several others- and the fact they're being replaced by white people. Do you have any comment?"'ve seen his response on scans_daily. At the very least, he thanked me for bringing me up and admitted it was an issue they should take responsibility for. But he also did some TRUE strawman arguing in response.  I'll try to break down the answer for you:

1. He could counterstatistic at me all day the good they've done with minority characters!
2. Ryan Choi's death was a hard decision! Really!
3. These things are unintentional!
4. The deaths etc are spread apart pretty far when you look at it from the view of a comic book editor. Also, Ryan and Cass have been inactive forever (I'm not sure how that was supposed to counteract my point?)
5.  "We have pink and green people". Yes, I do believe he was serious when he said that. A couple people laughed, but he sonded like he was being sincere.

But at any rate, I asked the question and bought attention to the issue, and that's all that really mattered to me. Also, Margot and her friends applauded me, so that was nice!

Honestly, the panel was kind of depressing over all. The only good part was when people gushed over the Batgirl series. Several people chimed in that they loved the book, and loved the lighter, Buffy-ish vibe to it. Ian Sattler made sure to inform everyone that he was not around when Steph got killed that time and he said he was glad they bought her back and he thought that it was believable how it was done. ("We faked a death! I do that every week! In real life!")

Margot asked why the Wonder Woman movie not selling would affect a Batgirl Y1 movie, and Sattler basically blew her off, telling her not to read rumors on the internet so much. So I clarified it, saying that it came from an interview with Bruce Timm, and not a rumor, but that I didn't think he could answer that anyway since it's not in his purview. He said thanks to me for clarifying, then he said something about Margot's question being "snarky"... I just think he was pretty rude about the whole thing.

Only other news of note I remember from the panel was Connor and Mia will be involved in the new Green Arrow title. Pray for them. (Sattler said he was responsible for the stuff happening to Arrow family. I'm afraid I can't really respect his editorial skill there).

Anyway, I chatted with Margot afterwards, and then we went to the Defective Comics panel, which was hilarious thanks to Jeff Parker. He went on a blistering rant about the comics industry and especially laid into Rise of Arsenal #3, talking about Speedy's impotency/dead cat flinging/drug binging glory, and then saying "and this kid used to go go-go dancing with the Titans!" He also claimed that Howard the Duck would have been raped and filleted and eaten if he was around now. Colleen Coover was there too, and she is also awesome. She did porn comics because she "wanted to do something that was actually good".

On Sunday, I went to the Conversation with Ian Sattler panel which was...well, I actually had to take a break because I got alternately bored and frustrated. He basically spent the first half of the panel ranting against the Internet and it's rumors and terribleness, and restating more of the same about minorities (because some guy made a joke about it and maybe because I was there). What was hilarious was I went over to the Family Friendly panel for a few minutes, and they discussed how mainstream comics should have less gore and more accessibility. Then I went back to the other panel, and there was Sattler saying people wouldn't read comics if they toned down the gore. Warring panels!

Bill Willingham came in the panel, and ohmygod this really stupid guy bought up Steph, saying her death was poignant and he didn't think they should have bought her back because it was so important Batman kicked her to the curb and Leslie Thompkins (yes, he apparently liked THAT too) and Mom got all uncomfortable next to Willingham's credit, he shut the guy down, saying the death was never his plan and he actually argued for Steph to live. Sattler said he wasn't around for it, and that the fans are really into Steph, and that he thinks it's important they redeemed Leslie Thompkins. Then Willingham had to ruin everything and say, and I swear to God this is a direct quote "I wanted to gun down those girls who kept asking about the memorial case."

My jaw just dropped open. I knew from interviews and shit that Willingham was an asshole- and I'm sorry, he is, for mocking people at panels, and mocking men for daring to cry over a comic book death- but that is just a creepy as fuck thing to say. I raised my hand and I wanted to say "Willingham, you're an asshole" but instead I just told him a) I hated Stephanie's death and b) You shouldn't want to gun people down for being passionate about a character.

Backpedaling time! No, see, those silly girls were just distracting from important issues at panels by asking the same question over and over again, andandand they just don't understanf how the comics industry works and then, I swear to god, he word for word said the "being hated is almost as good" quote. He DID. He and Sattler telled me that when fans hate a story, it's almost as good as if they love it, because at least they care.

Flaw in that logic, fellas. You do that enough? People are going to stop caring. You've got me close to it.

So I actually left a panel angry, which has never happened to me before. I don't know what was up with this year, I usually come out of panels feeling all positive and full of love for comics, but this year? It was just like they were determined NOT to listen, and to highlight all the negative things about comics in a panel. And I liked Dan Didio when I met him. I liked Sattler okay last year. But this year,though I don't hold it against him that we apparently disagree on several things in comics, I found him to be a bit rude and condescending at times, and don't even get me started on Willingham.

I don't hold it against people when they hold different opinions in comics, but apparently Jamal Igle does. Margot went to talk to him and said she was one of the people who said "yay" to him about Supergirl's shorts and he said "OH THE ONE I GOT IN A TWITTER FLAMEWAR WITH"  and according to her was very rude about it. (I don't think Igle's been in many arguments if he considers what happened between us a flamewar. I never insulted him or called him names, and in fact complimented him, a compliment he never thanked me for but apparently saw, since it was in that compliment I pointed out I was the one from the Supergirl shorts panel). And Margot was like ", but I know that girl."

So Jamal Igle remembered our Twitter war, and apparently now doesn't like me because I dared disagree with him. I hate it when people I thought were nice turn out to be...not what I thought.

To end on a positive note...the Comics Alliance panel was hilarious, and Chris Simms and Laura Hudson both agreed if there was one thing they'd wipe out from comics completely, it would be rape. Also, Simms regaled us with a personal recap of the famous "my vagina is haunted" Tarot tale. There was a panel about costumes that was pretty good, even if I only stayed for a half hour. And I saw Kate Beaton! She was cool.

My next post will be all sunshine and lollipops and rainbows and the awesome commissions I got as well as the buttload of trades I collected. But here's why comics still have a long way to go, in the Estimation of Caitlin.

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