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Can't Believe I Did Not Post Before Now

You may have heard a strange whistling sound three days ago. Undetectable almost.

That was me squealing, many miles away.

Spoiler is back. I mean, that has pretty much been 99% confirmed since Robin #172, and 99.9% confirmed since the solicit release last Monday, but it is now 100% official.

I am glee.

Some say this retcon was sloppily done. That the comic was rushed, or whatever. I disagree.

I can't really offer much in argument besides my personal feelings besides the fact the last half of the comic practically made me bleed joy with every page turn. Steph's reveal was paced brilliantly. I love the *unmask* "That's you all over, isn't it? Always so sure you're right?" And then Batman and Tim's :o with Tim softly saying "Stephanie?" while she stands with her hands on her hips, and then we turn the page and HUGE SPLASH where Tim GLOMPS Steph and EATS HER FACE. It is the perfect reaction.

We then get our official fanon explanation: Leslie faked Steph's death. It is a nearly perfect retcon, and almost completely plausible, and redeems Leslie as well as bringing back Steph. Steph gets accepted back into the Bat family and Alfred drops his tea tray and is happy. I love Alfred so. Together he and Steph could be an undeniable duo of awesome. That panel where Steph is teasing him and he is grinning and they are linking hands....! So cute. Steph has obviously either guessed Bruce Wayne's identity or he revealed it to her (about DAMN TIME) and...I love this part...they go to visit her Mom. Yay! Oh, and Tim is upset that both Bruce and Steph lied to him, so there's gonna be some DRAMA, but who cares?

Addressing whether it was OOC for Batman to accept Steph back as a hero after the deaths she caused in War Games, the more we pretend War Games NEVER HAPPENED, the better. Accepting Steph back into the fold is less OOC for Bats than ANYTHING he did in War Games. It was a horrible story, let's move on. I really don't want Steph constantly angsting over the deaths she cause, since starting the gang war was an impossibly stupid thing for her to do in the first place. I mean, Steph is not a sharp as Tim, but she HAS A BRAIN.

Basically, the whole story was a bit meta. Dixon obviously wrote it for himself as much as the fans, having created the character. It was always obvious he had a great affection for Steph. I mean, he had her guest star in his THIRD ISSUE as Robin.  Near the end of his run, she was practically a co star, and he was taking steps toward integrating her into a member of the Bat family, and a member of BoP too! I think it's pretty obvious, his intention, as her creator, was to have her improve and learn and become a very competent Bat-operative. That was where her character arc was taking her before he left.

But leave he did. And JUST AFTER, Batman fired her. I'm not kidding. She had to be dumped from BoP before then, too, because I guess DC or whoever didn't want some other writer to have to deal with her on the team. It's almost as if DC was pissy at Dixon for leaving, and decided to take it out on his pet character. And it didn't have to make sense even. Batman had virtually no reason for firing her. The whole thing was sudden.

Steph: "Hi, Batman! What's up?"
Batman: "You don't have the skills or the talent."
Steph: "Yeahbuhwha?"

Steph did not ASK to become Batman's protege. He came to her. (She pointed this out to him like ten times in that particular issue of Gotham Knights, but he feigned deafness or something) So, if he didn't think she had the skills, WHY DID HE ASK HER TO WORK FOR HIM? (Actually, he didn't even ask. He was like "You are working for me now.")

It's almost hilarious in it's transparency.

Jon Lewis, I think, attempted to save her by taking her out of the Spoiler gig for a while after the Cluemaster's death. But nooooo. They ordered Willingham to kill her.

It was all editorial clusterfuck. It didn't have to make sense.

So, dammit, neither does Batman accepting her back!

Enough about that. Steph's back.

And you know, I mentioned this over at Girl Wonder, but I'm thinking: the reason War Games stung so badly? Because it was the end. The end for Steph. It was what she was remembered for...not the awesome hero she was as Spoiler or Robin, but that chick who did something stupid, screwed up, got herself captured. got tortured and shot, THEN DIED. All things that happened previous didn't matter. Now, all of that still happened except for the "AND DIED" part. But it's not so bad anymore...because now she can be "that chick who died, but then came back and had her own Special with Robin, and became a regular in the Robin ongoing, and had her own miniseries and was generally just awesomesauce all around...." hopefully. She will still always have this terrible black mark on her history, but at least we're moving forward now. At least we can enjoy more exploits of the Spoiler.

Steph's death wasn't about her, like so many female deaths in comics. It was about cleaning house for Bats and giving Tim some ANGST. She was reduced to "Tim's dead girlfriend" on the rare occasions she was mentioned. She was not "Robin" or "Spoiler" or "The girl who tried her best against overwhelming odds, who was hero despite a bad upbringing, who was funny and happy and kickass". She was someone Tim could include in his long list of losses before he angstily made out with Wonder Girl.

Now she's gotten herself a ressurection worthy of a hero. When before, she was moved out of the way for other things, other things were moved out of the way for her. Who wants to bet the reason Tim and Cassie ended their horrible angsty grief driven and idiotic courtship was so Tim could give Steph that giant kiss? (Okay, maybe Zoanne had something to do with that too) She's being treated as an independent character, a hero, not another of "Tim's girls".

I am insanely excited for the Robin/Spoiler special. It promised more info about Steph's absence, and some Tim-and-Steph dymanic duo asskicking for justice. What more could I want? And the miniseries, something Dixon pitched a long time ago (http://stephaniebrown.wikia.com/wiki/Interviews) looks like it will get off the ground. Steph is going to get a series all to herself- something she never had before.

I look forward to seeing more awesomeness from my fave character.

Now is June 4th would just hurry the hell up already.


May. 25th, 2008 02:08 am (UTC)
Re: meow! :D
Aw, she's so cute! *sends her e-hugs too*

Yeah, all my cats except for Callie talk so much, and sometimes I'm just like "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME?" :)


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